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Supplier Code of Conduct

Eupe, as the developer and builder of major residential projects, contracts the products, services and labour of many contractors and suppliers.

The Group believes that through its growing commercial and supply chain links, it can influence other businesses to be aware of and adhere to best practices at the workplace as well as community development and environmental standards.

Eupe’s Supplier Code of Conduct represents a set of clear expectations and aspirational standards that ensures third-party Contractors and Suppliers that are engaged to provide goods or services to Eupe put into place safe working conditions, treat their employees fairly and that their production processes consider the impact to the environment. We believe that applying these standards - particularly those that relate to workplace safety, not only benefit our contractors and suppliers, they also benefit our employees who engage - or are on-site with our suppliers and contractors every day.

As a result, our aim is to select and work in partnership with those suppliers and contractors who follow these standards.

Employment Standards

Suppliers are expected to provide a fair workplace which upholds appropriate labour standards and regulations.

Contractors and suppliers are expected not to discriminate against any worker based on his or her age, disability, gender, race or religion, or any other status protected by law in their hiring and other employment practices.

They are also expected to maintain a workplace free from harassment and abuse, and that all work is undertaken without use of any form of forced or indentured labour. They must also prevent child labour.

Eupe’s employment standards, in particular, at its project worksites are defined and outlined in the contract document with contractors in which contractors are strictly required to adhere to.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of workers involved in all Eupe’s projects are very important to the Group. This is why Eupe expects all contractors and suppliers to provide a healthy and safe work environment by incorporating sound health and safety management practices into their business operations.

To this end, contractors and suppliers must comply with all applicable regulations and laws relating to workplace health and safety. They are expected to provide workers with job-related health and safety training appropriate to the work site they are operating in, and to manage occupational health and safety hazards. A one-hour induction on health and safety is provided for every new worker entering the site. There is also a tool-box meeting held on a weekly basis to serve as a regular reminder to all workers on site health and safety matters. It is also in these meetings that non-compliance is highlighted and defaulters are reprimanded openly to serve as a deterrent.

Community Building

Eupe contributes to the development of the local community through a number of initiatives. These include direct investment in community and cultural events, employee giving and volunteering, as well as partnerships with charitable and other worthy community and cultural organisations.

Eupe prefers that its contractors and suppliers share and demonstrate similar values in relation to community development and contributions, and also show support and involvement in community development.

As part of its commitment to community development, Eupe gives preference to suppliers of products and services within 500 kilometres of the project which Eupe is developing/delivering. It has set a target to ensure that 50 per cent of the Group’s total procurement of products and services meets this benchmark.

Eupe has also ear-marked that its developments are within existing services and amenities such as restaurants, coffee-shops, mini markets or supermarkets, schools, mosques, public parks, banks etc. This approach is aimed at supporting economic and employment growth in local communities where Eupe does business.

Environmental Management

Suppliers are expected to manage and minimise their environmental impacts in the course of doing business with Eupe, and to support and encourage others to do the same.

In particular, suppliers and contractors should make sure:

  • All required environmental registrations are obtained and kept current;
  • Hazardous substances and waste are safely stored and disposed of; and
  • They follow recognised practices for the sustainable use of water and energy.
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