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08 Jan 2024

Eupe, in alignment with its sustainability commitment and strategy, Sustainability Plus, has launched the "Bring Your Waste To Work" campaign. This initiative, part of the Reusing Nature to Renew Nature program, promotes a circular economy by replacing chemical products with natural alternatives. The campaign focuses on collecting and recycling food and kitchen waste from staff and tenants at Wisma Ria, Eupe's headquarters, as well as from its other operations. Since its launch on January 8, 2024, the program has successfully composted 2,232 kg of organic waste in its first 6 weeks alone. The resulting compost material is utilised for landscaping purposes at Eupe's projects, contributing to sustainable agriculture practices and reducing methane emissions. Through this campaign, Eupe not only encourages sustainability but also raises awareness and engages the community in environmentally responsible practices.

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