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Eupe recognises the critical role of biodiversity plays in protecting and sustaining healthy ecosystems and supporting human health and wellbeing.

We understand and are committed to protecting the intrinsic value of Malaysia's distinctive flora and fauna. This commitment is increasingly important given the growing pressures of human development – particularly in our cities - on biodiversity. We also recognise that as a business predominantly focused on property development, our operations have a direct impact on nature.

This impact takes two forms – one the quantity of land we make available or preserve in our residential developments as natural green space. Second the quality of nature in terms, the amount and intensity of flora and fauna planned into our projects in the form landscaping and gardens.

In view of the important role we have in protecting and enhancing biodiversity, we are committed to enhancing both the quality and quantity of nature within our developments.

We encompass this commitment within our Green Community design framework – one of four eco-design principles that are part of our Sustainability Plus framework which we draw upon to design and construct our projects.

Our Green Community framework aims not only to improve the quantity and quality of nature. It provides authentic spaces for residents to reconnect with nature and in doing so, connect with their own physical and mental well-being.

Our Commitments

  • Maximise the quantity of natural, green spaces in our residential building project so it exceeds planning requirements by at least three times.
  • Measurably improve the quality of on-site biodiversity as part of our development plans. This involves a biodiversity assessment of each land site which we propose to develop. This assessment will identify areas of natural habitat that can be preserved and provide a baseline with which to increase the amount of biodiversity in the project area, compared to what existed previously.
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