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31 May 2024

Parc3 @KL South by Eupe Corporation Berhad is an architectural landmark in Kuala Lumpur that seamlessly blends sustainability with innovative urban living. This development maximises natural views and airflow by integrating the adjacent 64-acre Taman Pudu Ulu into its structure. With extensive greenery, "Buildings that Breathe" for natural air circulation, and dynamic facade elements, Parc3 creates a strong connection with nature. The development features communal gardens, public art, and recreational facilities to foster social engagement, highlighted by the Highest Hanging Sculpture in a Residential Building, certified by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Awarded the World Gold Winner (Residential High-Rise Category) at the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards 2024, Parc3 demonstrates Eupe's commitment to sustainable design. Energy-efficient air conditioners, LED lighting, and passive cooling systems reduce energy consumption, while smart technologies cater to modern living preferences. Strategically located in Cheras, Parc3 offers easy access to amenities and public transportation, featuring a covered walkway to the Maluri LRT station and solar-powered lights. Eupe continues to focus on adaptable spaces, smart technologies, and health-focused amenities to meet the evolving needs of residents, exemplifying its vision of creating sustainable, vibrant communities.

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