Overview of Sustainability Plus

Overview of Sustainability Plus

Eupe’s Sustainability Plus program aims to meet conventional benchmarks of sustainability and community building – then go beyond them. This means taking an innovative approach to thinking about and planning property development. We focus on planning and building ‘green’ projects according to leading environmental standards. But we also believe sustainability doesn’t stop at planning and constructing environmentally-friendly homes. It is also about building strong communities in and around our residential projects.

Eupe’s heritage as a long-time, leading township developer in northern Malaysia makes us well-placed to understand what is needed to develop strong communities, as well as develop projects that preserve the local environment. We understand that each residential project and community we build is different.

That’s why our first aim with our Sustainability Plus program is to recognise the unique sustainable challenges and opportunities each new residential project presents. Our second aim is to address them in flexible, innovative ways through a combination of ‘green’ planning and building practices and processes on the one hand, and strategies and investments to build strong communities on the other.

All this is in addition to the broader contribution to the community Eupe makes as it discharges its responsibilities as a major property developer in Malaysia, as well as a significant employer and taxpayer. For example, Eupe has constructed more than 9000 affordable homes in the Kedah and Penang regions, which have been sold at below cost to lower-income Malaysian families.


Our Sustainability Plus Logo



Eupe’s Sustainability Plus logo reflects the philosophy behind our sustainability thinking.

The logo is comprised of coloured strands that represent the Chinese symbols for the five natural elements – earth (yellow), fire (red), wood (green), metal (white) and water (blue).

The linking of these strands highlights the importance of seeing the environment and the community in an integrated way.

The logo also symbolises the importance of taking a holistic approach to nurturing the environment and building strong community bonds.

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