Governance and Disclosure

Eupe’s corporate governance and disclosure policies adhere to the Principles and Recommendations set out in the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012. Full details of the company’s Statement of Corporate Governance are available in its 2013 Annual Report.

The key features of these policies are:

Clear Roles and Responsibilities of Board and Management

The company’s Board Charter sets out the roles and functions of the Board and the Management. The Board is responsible for creating the framework and policies within which the company operates. Management is responsible for instituting compliance with laws, regulations, rules, directives and guidelines, including the achievement of the company’s corporate objectives.

Integrity in Corporate Behaviour

To maintain high standards of corporate governance and corporate behaviour, the Board has formalised a Code of Ethics that sets out standards of ethics and conduct expected from its Directors and employees.

Eupe’s Integrity policy provides a formal avenue to raise concerns about a breach in the Code of Ethics involving any member of the company. Concerns are addressed according to clear and transparent procedures set out in the policy.

Integrity in Financial Reporting

The Board strives to provide and present a balanced and meaningful assessment of the Group’s financial performance and prospects, primarily through the Annual Report and the quarterly announcement of results. The Board is assisted by its Audit Committee to oversee the company’s financial reporting process and the quality of its financial reporting.

Timely Recognition and Management of Risks

Recognising the importance of risk management, the Board adheres to a structured Enterprise Risk Management framework to identify, evaluate, control, monitor and report potential business risks that might be encountered by the company.

Timely and High Quality Disclosure

Eupe’s internal corporate disclosure policies and procedures not only comply with the disclosure requirements as stipulated in the Listing Requirements of Bursa, but also set out clear protocols for disclosing material information to shareholders and stakeholders. The Board is aware of the confidentiality and sensitivity of undisclosed information and ensures stringent measures are in place to prevent divulgence of such information.

Communication with Shareholders

Eupe maintains an open communications policy with its shareholders, individuals and institutional members and welcomes feedback from them. The Annual General Meeting is the company’s key platform for obtaining feedback directly from shareholders and to inform them of the company’s direction and performance. In addition, the company’s quarterly results announcements to shareholders, issued via the Bursa, provide the latest information on company performance and outlook.


Key Governance Policies

Download Board Charter, Terms of Reference for Risk Management and Audit Committee, Terms Of Reference For Nominating Committee & Integrity Policy


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